What we do

We help people communicate their messages through illustrations and creative animatic presentations. From simple icons on a flip chart to an animated character demonstrating your ideas, We create an engaging presentations that will reinforce your message and engage your audience. No matter what industry we are sure we can add some fun to your next presentation.

Graphic Art

You only get one chance at a first impression – make it great, make it memorable! So, what’s your first impression of our first impression gallery? See something you like?
First impressions are what Brett Bower Media can tailor for your business.


Single panel, cartoon strips, comic book illustrations are our passion. We provide these for media and corporate clients around the world. When you need to communicate a message, or you want to make a splash on social media. Use a cartoon that is original, relevant and created by a professional cartoonist.

Animation / Presentations

We create animation and graphics that reinforce your message, from simple graphics, animated GIFFS through to cut-out and full animation. Ask to see some of our recent work when you call.

Live Caricatures – Digital

Paper and ink caricatures? Sure, if that’s what you want. But why entertain just one person at your event when you can entertain hundreds?

Brett Bower can create live-to-screen artwork for everyone in the audience to enjoy. Caricatures drawn on a tablet are instantaneously projected onto a big screen, can be printed on request or sent directly to a recipient’s phone or mobile device. Every image will be saved to disc, USB or even uploaded to a nominated website at the conclusion of your event… and if you’d like a template to be produced specifically for your event, we can do that too!

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